Got hit with a baseball - See this image on Photobucket.

I was warming up in the OF, I was playing RF, or I was going to. Before 1st inning our CF instead of giving me OF throws is giving me pitches, without warning gives me a curveball, it was high so I jump up to get it and it broke down and under my glove hitting me in the eye.

That pic. doesn’t show all of it, I also have a gash on the side of my nose and some seam marks.

Holy crap, everything all right? That looks bad dude. I hit a kid I was playing catch with right in the ankle with a curve. I didn’t warn him, after seeing that I won’t ever do that again. It was a 1 in 100 chance to be a good curve and him not catch it but still. Man ice that baby up.

who doesn’t warn people about what their throwing? I’d be very pissed.

I’ve been icing it for a few hours now and my coach told me to go get x-rays tomorrow.

Hopefully nothing’s broken.

Yeah I was pissed, he didn’t even give me the glove signal or anything.

On my way home after we got our asses handed to us I stopped at Maverick, on the way out I said to the cashier “A bit of advice, don’t piss Mr. T off”

Here’s some more pics. I didn’t get a picture of it when my eye was swollen shut this morning though.

Explore Terry Morrill
Explore Terry Morrill

Oh man that looks bad

Yeah it is, I haven’t gotten x-rays yet but I have an eye-patch on as you saw in the one pic.

Thats a new one Pustullio old boy…In Fla we teach folks to catch with the glove…not the eye socket. Geees you guy ARE tough in Wyoming. :wink: (Note the similarity?) :lol:
I’m thinkin you may have said the wrong thing to one of them cowgirls and just said it was a baseball… :shock:
If your socket is damaged you cannot believe the sort of trouble it can give you…like in your sinuses…
Mr Centerfielder and I would maybe have an accident behind the dugout when everything is checked and working…this wasn’t nice. :chair:
I hope you get better soon so Mr Centerfielder funny guy can show everybody his. 8)

How’d centerfield get brought into this? Was he the one who took a band to the eye a while back?

NONONO Bower not OUR CF my good friend and work out man with a plan…Pustullios badbad cf who made the mistake all over his eyeball…you know the one who needs to meet Bam-Bam :wink: (See it looks just like Pustullio…I’m callin this icon Pustullio from now on :lol: )

Haha sorry just looked at the picture. Don’t you remember someone who had a band break on them and almost lost an eye or something?

Got it checked, nothing is broken.

However I have a hematoma in my eyeball and the bottom of the eyeball is bruised up pretty bad. As you saw I’m wearing an eye-patch right now. I’m going back and forth between putting ice on and wearing the patch.

JD, you seem to have something against Wyoming the way you’ve been talking recently. jk

Btw: I can’t even do much at practice for at least 2 weeks. I can’t run, take infield, throw a bullpen, take BP, nothing.

How can you say such a thing, Pustulio…I love the Bronco state…particularly when I’m not there and am here in Florida…Florida Pustulio…beaches…non-hairy women…Florida…warmth in winter…Spring training…no disgusting furry critters to run over…just armadillos…we have real High School baseball teams Pustulio…I think you need to run away :wink: (Note the similarity?..kinda handsome aren’t ya).
Now bout this Centerfielder smart guy…how bout we figure out how we make the mistake on this schmuck…I know a guy…you need any saprano singing neutered types up there?..maybe we do a remake of Misery…his new nickname can be Peggy…Ever see Pulp Fiction? Maybe some Jules action…or we give him a little of the midevil treatment that Marcellus was going to give Zed…Just let us know…we’ll have him wandering around them thar prarie chickens lookin for mommy…
And now for something totally different…

Hey everybody!!! Whats this? :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: …A baseball team full of Pustulios…
How bout this?.. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: …Pustulios Football squad…

i say you accidently throw him a curveball without warning.

that sucks

Ok JD, that’s quite enough. Please that’s starting to get a little upsetting.

Oh and yanksdice-gay guy, I think I’ll do it with a knuckleball, he already hates catching it when he knows it’s coming so yeah.

I’m lucky, the doctor told me had it hit me slightly higher up, like even a centimeter I would have lost all my sight in the right eye. My depth perception is off by a ton right now. It’s gonna’ take me a while to get used to catching a ball after it’s all healed. I’m gonna’ go to practice today and just do towel drills and hit off a tee, at least try anyways.

I may have to learn how to bat right handed again which will take forever. Well thanks for the replies fellas.

All right…I’m sorry, just having fun. Trying to get you to laugh a little.

Yeah I understand what you’re trying to do but it’s getting old.

Oh btw: Women aren’t hairy in Wyoming, it’s Utah, Colorado and Idaho you’re thinking of, especially Utah. Utahns suck, up here in Wyoming we call them Utards. Even though I was technically born in Utah I consider myself a Wyominite.

oh sure start teaseing back I see how you’re gonna be…

Nope just joking about Utahns.