There is this pain a little underneath my shoulder blade, and it hurts really bad. Any ideas of what the area is? and how I can cure the pain?

i get something like that from time to time but its kind of inches beside my spine…its more of a cramp then anything i think so it may be different then what you have

i’d imagine if its not a cramp you just pulled a muscle or aggravated it…just take it easy for a few days and see if it goes away…mine always do

if it’s something that’s been there for a long time or continues to stay for a week then im not sure what to tell you

Its hard to say for sure without doing an eval on you, but one of the most common injuries in that area are due to trigger points Trigger points are like knots in the muscle, usually more common when you are under a lot of stress. Also a change in workouts or mechanics can cause them to occur. You can find them by having someone running their fingers along the upper boarder and spine side if the scapula (shoulder blade) they can also find just under the shoulder blade in the same area. To get rid of then you need to use moist heat for about 15 min. along with stretching. If your know someone that can do pressure massage to the area that can be helpful.

Another injury it could be, is from straining the subscapularis (a muscle that is attached to the under side of the shoulder blade.

If you have accesses to a Certified Athletic Trainer I would recommend you get an evaluation to determine what your injury is.