Overworking muscles

Is there such a thing as overworking a muscle group. Ive heard of people talking about working muscles too hard in a workout but I don’t know if there is such a thing
This was my last chest workout
reg. bench(3 sets of 3)
inclined bench(3 sets of 3)
dumbell bench(3 sets of 10)
peck deck(3 sets of 10)
Is this to much to do in a day or should I be doing more, this is still part of my offseason workout.

Yes, you can overwork a muscle group. I can’t say if your workout will do that but I will say that all 4 of your exercises are done while seated or on your back. I understand that some exercises are very hard to do without sitting or lying on your back but it doesn’t make sense for a baseball player, or any athlete, to have a workout consisting entirely of exercises like this.

what’s a peck deck?

Pec Deck is a machine made for chest fly’s. it is not an exercise I normally suggest for baseball players.