Overweight pitchers

I just saw a story about this on OTL. What are your thoughts is good, bad, or doesn’t matter that pitchers are overweight?

I’m not sure if it matters or not, but I just wonder how it happens. How can a pitcher be fat. They must eat like absolute pigs. I mean, how can Bob Wickman or Bartolo Colon or David Wells be so fat. The guys must, at the very least, go jogging everyday during the season. And the amount of calories you burn during an outing is through the roof.

Some of the MLB teams aren’t requiring them to work out as much now, because it takes them so much energy to burn off the weight, that they’re tired for their next game and don’t pitch as well. One of them(I think John Leiber of the Phillies) said that he didn’t feel as balanced or as powerful without his gut to balance him out. ASMI seemed to think that was rediculous, and the only thing that being fat did was put more strain on the knee to straighten out and decelerate(which is why many overweight pitchers have arm trouble).