Overweight pitcher... any good thing?

Okay, scouts generally like medium-build pitchers with some muscles attatched (Phil Hughes is a good example). Well, me, I’m 16 year old with 5 feet 9 inches tall, but I also weigh 220 pounds. I do have some amounts of muscles on arm and I’m actually quick on my feets compared to my size.

I’ve seen some overweight pitchers dominating such as Bobby Jenks, Bartolo Colon or Joba Chamberlain. Well, is it good or bad for a pitcher to be overweight? Thanks+

Well, it really isn’t a huge difference as long as its kept under control. A BF% of 20 and a beer belly is pretty common among some older pitchers today, so I don’t think it will have a huge effect on your performance. But stay in shape. You mentioned Bobby Jenks, 2 years ago he was throwing 101mph heat past Jeff Bagwell. Today hes lucky to reach 93, because hes packed another 20 pounds of fat on, and now is around 6’3" 290.

Theres no problem being a big pitcher. Im 6’3 and 230ish pounds. I throw about 84 and i can throw it for 5-6 inning. What i try to work on is building the muscle beneath the fat. There was a post in the past couple of days on being a big pitcher check it out.