This past season the 14u travel team schedule would be like this every second week.

Mon - game
Tues - practice
Wed - game
Thurs - practice
Fri - game
Sat - 2 games
Sun - game

Or it would look like this.

Mon - practice
Tues - game
Wed - game
Thurs - practice
Fri - 2 games
Sat - 2 games
Sun - off

The team had 9 pitchers. No pitcher threw over 60 IP or 1000 Pitches on the season.

Would you think this is overuse for this age group?


Games or practices 6 or 7 days a week? :shock:

When did the kids get to be kids? Regardless of whether there was overuse in the pitching sense, this sounds like a recipe for burn-out to me.

How long was the season?

May to August

That’s more games :than I ever played in a week. Having that much is a ton of ball. I remember 6 day per week baseball, but we would rarely play more than 3 games per week in addition to our 2 hr practices the other 3 days.

6 games a week seems like an awful lot. Not to mention practice in between. Can you say, Burnout.

Well, at least these the kids got a Sunday off every other week.