When I pitch, I stride so far that my back knee/shin scrape the ground and my body ends up below my posting leg. How can I fix this?

lmao…dont stride so far

Thats the problem, I can’t. I dont know why.

find that hard to believe…so when you play catch on flat ground you stride just as far and collapse?

No, thats what makes it hard to understand. I have video but I don’t know if i’ll be able to upload it.

How tall are you, and how high is the mound you throw from?

I’m 6’4 and throw from a pretty high mound

Those are indeed the questions. Get a mound that is really high and you will drive down the mound past your normal stride. A short mound and you will likely have a smaller stride. You won’t even be aware that you made the adjustment, it will just happen.

In any event, find your ideal stride, draw a chalk line on the mound that is just at the end of your stride. Do drills and stride to the line.

When I was younger I would over stride on tall mounds. My back knee would get dirty and I would sometimes have scabs. You have to train your body to do what you want. Repetition is the best way to do it.

one thing my pitching coach does is place something in front of my back foot so I am forced to get my back foot up, I also have a long stride (about 100% of my body length). You could also try to get your legs stronger.

I have seen this before. If you you are so late in breaking your hands your stride gets longer. If you are getting to the point where your leg is scraping the ground, then you are really breaking late. The reason this is happening is because your lower body is buying time for your arm to catch up. Break earlier and move your arm/hand faster.

try not bending you back leg as much
or lean back/to your pitching arm side/towards 2nd base after breaking your hands
if that doesnt work you might need to slow down your mechanics

When do you break your hands? If your hand break is as soon as your front leg starts down you are fine on hand break. Are you only worried about the leg problem are your pitches going to the glove?