at what point is it considered overstriding?

im 5’8 and my stride is very close to 6’

i dont ‘reach’ with my front foot, i land slightly on my heal and i have a very long toe drag… about 1 1/2 feet

doesn’t matter
as long as your comfortable
have control
end up in good fielding position
you are good

Your stride is too long when your strength and flexibility can’t stabilize your posture as you move down the hill. It’s too long when you can’t get out over the front leg properly.

Landing on your heal isn’t really a problem unless it is indicating you don’t get enough momentum and get out over your front leg.

A 1 1/2 foot drag line isn’t necessarily that long. If you shoe size is, say, “12”, then your drag line should ideally be 2 feet long. Twice your shoe size is the goal that the NPA teaches.