Overload/Underload Training

I just recieved the Decker Velo Balls from the UPS man yesterday. I was pretty excited only to find when I opened the box that it did not include the in-season and out-of-season workout schedule that was promised to be part of the package. I know some of the guys on this board are NPA guys (Roger, etc.), and I was wondering if any of you knew what type of workout should be done in-season. I’ve read all about the results of using this training in “Fastball Fitness,” but have yet to find any concrete schedule that I can implement. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Send a PM to CoachKreber and ask him. He has a program and sent it to me. He’d probably send it to you as well.

I used weighted baseballs (4 oz, 5 oz, 6 oz ONLY) in college and during the off-season in pro ball. I don’t recommend using them in season. Just a personal thing, but it really throws off your timing. And it is VERY stressful on the arm – there’s no question about that, but they’re designed to be like that.

In the off-season I warmed up with a long toss first with a regular baseball. Then I threw the 6 oz ball at 75 feet for 20 throws. I threw the 4 oz ball at 75 feet for 20 throws. I finished with the 5 oz ball at 75 feet for 20 throws.

It’s not glamorous or complex by any means. It doesn’t have to be. 60 throws and out. Two or three days a week with a day of rest (or regular 5 oz baseball throwing ONLY) in between.

As a rule: When I started pitching off a mound, the weighted baseballs were put away till the following off-season.

Coach K’s got a different program, but he’s been pleased with the results, so I’d definitely “PM” him.