Overhead squats

are these the worst kind you could do? It’s in the program I’m doing (cressey’s show and go), and was wondering if I should just replace them with front squats

cressey would never have a pitcher do those with weight…im willing to bet thats one of the mobility exercises though if it’s in the warm-up.

If I remember correctly, I’m pretty sure Cressey uses overhead squats as a warmup without weight added, also as an assessment tool to check positioning and balance throughout the squat motion.

I agree with Lanky and Turn 22 and guys correct me if I am wrong but I feel like Show and Go is more general sports performance training than baseball specific, he tends to not be a fan of back squatting (let alone overhead squats) for pitchers in general unless they have access to safety squat bars.

Show and Go is probably better than Maximum Strength for baseball content, but both can be easily modified.
For baseball specifics, IMO, it’s hard to beat Tuff Cuff

Some guys of ours like to do OH squats with a PVC pipe for warm-ups. They can be nice. But no, nothing weighted really. Not that they’re dangerous or useless or anything, I just don’t find a lot of value in them at this time. But I can see using them for special cases.