Overhand pitchers in mlb

Who are some overhand, rightys in the mlb?
i can only think of lincecum, and mussina (retired)

The only one I can think of off the top of my head would be Fernando Rodney.

Mike Mussina lowerd his arm angle in the later part of his career.

k thx… anyone else know any overhand rightys in the mlb?

Ben Sheets is basically over the top, Lincecum(previously mentioned), I can’t think of anymore

ok, then what about overhand pitchers in genreal, leftys and rightys

Well, Zito is over the top, Cliff Lee is pretty close to over the top, I would say cole Hamels also is over the top.

I don’t know where I read it, but I read something that said Halladay used to be overhand, but was converted to three quarters.

I think thats right, when Halladay first came to the bigs, he was more of a power pitcher, and threw from a higher slot. He has now become more of a groundball pitcher.

josh beckett
joba chamberlain
diasuke matsuzaka
mariano rivera
aj burnett
rich harden
extreme - hideki okajima

ryan madson

Liriano, for a lefty. I just wrote an article two days ago about this here

three famous over the top, koufax, marichal, and jim palmer.