Overhand or sidearm?


Hi I need a little help with deciding whether I should throw sidearm or overhand or mix in both into my routine. I am 18 years old and I am 6’5" while throwing over hand I can pitch a Slider, Curveball, four seamer, splitter, and a change up at 80-90 mph and while throwing sidearm I can throw a slider, curveball, sinker, four seamer and a knuckleball at around 75-85mph. With each delivery 80-100 pitches is easy but I don’t know if I should stick with one or mix in both?


With the exception of my knuckleball sorry. That I can only throw at 68-72mph


Both when you pitch in a game start out throwing over the top then throw a side arm fastball when you’re in a 2-strike account. Then after that I would throw a mix of both and throw breaking pitches side arm.