Over/under training?

My season starts in 3 weeks, is that enough time to get on a O/U training program with 4oz, 5, 6oz balls? im not expecting much maybe 3-4 mph could I get it? thanks and coudl someone post that program for this that CoachKreber posted, I emailed him but got no response so far.

so CoachKreber did send it

im gonna be doing it 4 days a week though along with some added long toss

it will be 10 normal, 20 over, 20 under, 10 normal

im gonna drill a medium hole through one ball to lose about 1 oz, but how can I make the other heavy? i tried water logging it over night and it didnt really work, or maybe its too light to tell?

I always like to say do lots of rubber band movements to strengthen that rotator cuff. There are many theories out there that say weighted balls don’t help much in increasing velocity. I like to work on increasing functional strength so I would recommend checking out some of tom house books. He is an awesome instructor and i have personally been to many of his camps and loves what he teaches. Just do your reasearch, practice practice practice. Get on a program that will help increase your functional strength and velocity should come with that.