Over Stride?

Edit: Question answered, thanks.

So, are you asking if we think you stride too far?

When i stride i SOMETIMES hit the ground with my knee( depending on the mound) if u dig ur balls in the ground with this stride or pull m up to high, its to far. if u have great control. i dont see no problem.

off topic: why u wearing batting glove in ur normal glove? or is that just me:P

No what I’m asking is if it’s normal for your shin to hit the mound while your pitching, because people have told me that I’m the only one who does it on my team.

And BTW, the batting glove is more of a superstitious thing, It’s been considered my lucky batting glove and I’ve used it ever since.

Without video, it’s hard to say much. How’s your pitching performance? My only real concern here without seeing video is your posture in that front view. You’re leaning off to the side a lot. Look at the front leg from your foot to your knee. It’s angle a lot to the outside.

I hit the mound aswell with my shin. depending on the mound, flat mound = hit the gravel. altho i do not overstride and do not loose control or something.

I do hang over to the side a bit( somewhat like tim lincecums mechanics)

again off topic: i have the same shoes, maybe thats the problem :wink:

As long as the knee isn’t bent more than 90 degrees you should be ok even if your back knee/shin hits the ground. I don’t see anything wrong with your stride as far as I can see from just 3 still photos.

I agree with DM that the front view shows some issues. Posture is one issue - I’d prefer to see your head upright. Also, as DM pointed out, the angle of the lower leg indicates to me that the knee has shifted that way as well to help support your weight which is also going that way. But I can’t tell - without video - what the cause is.

I wouldnt say this is a over stride

but this is bad mechanics tho. just to show it aint overstriding

ya i think you are…when you land on the first pic it looks like your weight displacement is all outa wack…also the stride length doesnt add velocity. look at cc sabathia he was getting pounded and they realized he was striding to far, so they shortend it up and he still threw same velocity but now he comes at a more downward plane because hes standing taller. velocity is gana come from balance throughout the entire delivery, i think the best demonstration of this is john smoltz, he throws 95mph and looks like hes playing catch when he does it. its because hes completly balanced through entire delivery which puts less strain on arm and alows it to move alot faster…93%body 7% arm