Ova the top or side arm?

My whole life ive been throwin sidearm and sub but this past 8th grade season i started pitching overhand because my coaches wanted me to change bcuz they thought i would ruin my arm throwin that way but ever since i started over the top ive been throwin my arm out after a bit and sidearm i can throw forever…should i stick with over the top and hope it gets better or go back to sidearm ??? :?:

That’s a tough question for any of us to answer. My first reaction would be to say that you should do what you’re the most comfortable with. But, if that is sidearm, then I have two cautions for you. First, a lot of coaches aren’t comfortable or knowledgeable in dealing with sidearm throwers so that could forever be a battle. You may get a lot of bad instruction.

Second, you really need to make sure you don’t open up the shoulders too early. You need to adjust your timing so that your shoulders are squared up at release. If you struggle with this, many coaches will tell things like “slow down”, “stay back”, “don’t rush”, etc. But what you really need to do is get the hips going and get into foot strike quicker. If you have a habit of opening up too early, you put more stress on the arm than is necessary. Over time, that wear and tear can add up and lead to injury.

i agree, i have been in the same situation since i started pitching, just make sure to take care of that elbow