Outside of eloow straining kind of pain

Alright, I’ve had this for about a week now.

On the back side of by elbow
(bring your palm, to your shoulder for the region I’m talking about)it had been aching when I throw or extend it in certain directions.
It’s a weird pain, that once I get loose and going I’m fine, but when I sit down and then go out to start the next inning my elbow sometimes just kills.

I never felt a pop or anything when I was pitching, or anything significant. It just started aching when I was warming up before my 2nd inning pitching last week.

I can’t target what it is, it feels like a bone on bone feeling, not a muscle, and not like a tendon, because I cannot seem to stretch the pain area.
I can do pushups without feeling a thing, dips with some pain, but not much. But if I do a tricept extension rapidly I definately feel it. Flexing the bicep at 90 degrees or a smaller angle is the most obvious pain creater.

I have been doing some 5lb dumbel tricept extension, as well as just extending with a 6oz ball, and it seems to have gotten progressively better.
Also I just had it rapped in a heating pad for two ours and the only time I can even find the pain is if flex my bicep.

I just want to get better. Since I didn’t have a specific moment I have not felt like it was serious and the fact that once I’m loose I do not notice it really.

Any help suggestions or ideas greatly appreciated.

[quote=“centerfield2150”]On the back side of by elbow
(bring your palm, to your shoulder for the region I’m talking about)it had been aching when I throw or extend it in certain directions.
It’s a weird pain, that once I get loose and going I’m fine, but when I sit down and then go out to start the next inning my elbow sometimes just kills.[/quote]

How old are you?

Does it hurt by the bony tip of your elbow?

I’m 15, just a note I didn’t throw a curveball until the end of my 13 year old season.

It aches all over the outside elbow region, most the forearm but it is kind of there in the upper arm. If I were to pick a spot I would say right where the radius and ulna meet (almost inbetween the two bones a bit).

All growth plate injuries I know of have been associated with a distinct “pop” and aggrivating pain. So I just don’t feel like it could be that.

Overall I would said the bony tip (farthest protruding part when bicep is flex completely correct?) doesn’t hurt a bit, it’s more between the bones.

My mom’s theory is calcium dificiency because since my seasons got going a couple weeks ago I have rarely had time to sit down and drink a glass of milk.

The only thing I can come up with is a pinched nerve.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Have you been to a doctor? You should.

This general aching in the forearm is troubling and could be a lot of things.

Not all growth plate injuries are associated with pops. You could aggravate the growth plate without pulling the Medial Epicondyle off the underlying bone.

It’s also unlikely to be due to a calcium deficiency.

Go see a doctor.

I agree it is troubling, so far I have not been able to reach a doctor, I will look into it shortly if there is no improvement (or time makes it convienient).

I’ve been doing quite a bit of researching around to figure out what could be wrong, and my best bet would be it is a mild case of tennis elbow.

The pain description, and location fit very close to what I am feeling. The causes made me think about when I have been hitting. We put our batting cage up last weekend (finally warm enough consistently) and so I had been hitting as much as I could when I got time. This would meen around a 100 swings. Admittedly not warmed up well enough. When I swing I often have a snap back motion (do it when I’m taking swings in repetition) that looking at it now is putting a ton of stress on my elbow. Also I thought of this because the pain is not exclusive to throwing, and actually began after I had batted the half inning before.

It is definately progressively better, and I’ve had baseball off the last couple days (due to rain), so if I’m resting it, I don’t see negative effects.

Also I realize it would be irresponsible to tell me that I am alright without seeing a doctor, however, am I on the right track, I sure hope and think my conclusion is correct, because it is far less terrible from what could be wrong with the elbow. All the pieces of the puzzle have fit in, I will definately see a doctor if it gets worse or continues, but if it’s getting better is it necessary?

I’m not sure.

What you seem to be describing as your theory is lateral epicondylitis (or tennis elbow). Typically that occurs when tennis players hit their backhands wrong. I’m having a hard time visualizing how hitting a baseball could produce the same type of strain.

I would still take it easy and try to go see a doctor.

I’ve had 3 days off (due to rain) taking it very easy, and could potentially have the weekend offf as well (the rain is set to keep going).

I’m happy to report it does feel much better, and is more funational. However I’m not going to hold my breath, until it lasts.

If you have the weekend off, why not head to the doctor? It might not be anything serious, but is could also prevent you from doing something that will ruin your arm. If you dont want to pay to see a doctor, go to the head athletic trainer at your high school. See if he can help you out, or if he recommends going to the doctor.

A real doctor is way better than a bunch of people on the forums. :?

Very true, I was probably going to stop in and talk to the trainer monday if it persists. No doctors work on the weekends/appoints cost more to.

I’m not going to be dumb with my arm. I’m still taking it easy, I play CF when not pitching so it’s not a spot like short where I have to make lots of strong throws a game.

Just one more thought, alright, well I’m about 6 foot right now, and have never hit a true growth spurt. I’ve grown almost a half inch in no more than a month. Could this be growing pains, because growth+overuse=soreness?

happy to report i had minimal pain today.

Threw well (came in with bases loaded and made the right pitches)
got leadoff to K looking, and #3 to hit a little flair for an out.

My arm was feeling great today, and I plan to follow the same routine for getting it healthy.

My arm still got tight more than usual, but overall it wasn’t near as bad as it was.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is related.

During a growth spurt, growth cartilage (which is normally very weak any way) gets even weaker and more susceptible to irritation.