Outside elbow pain


I threw a pen with my friend today. Now that I pitched, I have a pain in the outside of my elbow, at certain times.

I feel pain at 2 times. When;

  • If my elbow is a shoulder height and bent 90 degrees and I quickly internal and externally rotate the elbow, with my palm facing forward. I feel it when it is externally rotated.

  • when my arm is at my side, bent at the elbow and I try to internally rotate against resistance applied from my other arm.

Considering the similarity to the throwing motion, I immediately thought “overuse?”. However, I do not think this will be the case. I just started throwing again a couple weeks ago, and have thrown 3 bull pens - all off proper rest.
First pen - 40 pitches, 4 days rest
Second pen - 75 pitches, 4 days rest
Third pen - 45 pitches

I’m looking for any ideas to research, particularly involving the ulnar nerve - I had done nerve gliding exercises prior to pitching, as I’ve had an ROM issue from that for the past couple months - it appears it’s out of place, and the glide exercises are supposed to bring it back.

From what I have read about tennis elbow, the symptoms do not match up with me.


After your rest period, when you started throwing again, did you do sufficient throwing and conditioning before starting to throw bullpens? Inadequate throwing and condition before starting bullpens after a rest period is an injury risk factor. MLB Pitch Smart has come out with a preseason throwing program, here. That said, go see a sports orthopedic doctor.


Agree with South Paw re: pre-throwing conditioning. Def need to condition the arm with proper throwing before getting into pens, and def should not be throwing 100% out of the gate. Pens are the last step of a proper return to throwing program.

Forget about the Ulnar nerve on the lateral elbow…its on the other/medial side.

Without knowing which spot on your lateral elbow, it could the lower Tricep attachment, or less likely compression of the bones/crack/fracture on the lateral elbow (radial head and capitellum of the humerus), or even less likely a tear of the lateral elbow ligament (Radial Collateral Ligament)–all possible but not likely.

What makes you believe it’s not tennis elbow/lateral epicondylitis?