Outrageous numbers

High school 5A district game last night. One starting pitcher went 15 innings and threw 194 pitches. The other starter went 14 innings and threw 152 pitches.

Thoughts, feelings, comments?

Jesus that’s absolutely unnecessary utterly ridiculous.

Side question was that just in the game or did that include pen warm up and the subsequent warm up pitches each inning?

Except for where is the offense? Well…that is a hell of a lot of pitches, problems with HS baseball is that kids think they are invincible, coaches don’t think about the pitchers future / or / don’t have a clue about limiting a pitchers use. It’s sometimes impossible to get involved with discussions with the coach because it’s their team and parents don’t get involved with game decisions!

hurts my heart man, really unnecessary

Wales, that was just the pitch count in the game.

Incredibly there is some support for the coaches allowing these kids to throw that many pitches. One of the kids has signed his letter to a major D1 SEC school. Unbelievable!


I threw 160+ pitches per game on a regular basis in HS. I would like to think we’ve learned more in 13 years. But apparently not. Ridiculous.

Here’s the link to USA Today’s article:

Thanks for the link