Outfielders grip

Does any one heard of or do you put two fingers in the pinkey hole when playing in the outfield?

yeah…nearly everyone on my team does that. and not just in the outfield. i do it at first base, and some of our pitchers even do it.

I started doing it my sophomore year as well. Its supposed to help give you a deeper pocket but now i do it with my pitcher gloves as well. It felt funky at first but it now it feels funky going back the “original” way.

I dont do it i play cf/p but i cant do it because we were catching flyballs before the game andi kept droping it so i tryed it the origanl way and i caught alot better but thts just me

Probably more one of those things that is more personal preference, which way works best for you.

A good idea would be to go out with a good hitter and just have him hit some fly balls, line drives, grounders, etc. to you and while he is hitting to you try it 2 different ways. Which ever way is more comfortable and/or you do better with…go with that one.

I may be one of the few people that do this but I like doing 3 fingers in the pinky, I used to do two but after I tried three I wouldnt ever go back.

I keep one finger out of the hole,
but I guess you could keep two fingers out of it.
It seems to me that it would be more comfortable to only have one finger in that hole.