Outfield to Mound

I’ve been a notorious inning eater but this year I’ve been put back in the outfiel. I pitch sidearm and I have been very successfull, but when I’m in the outfield I throw over the top (or as over the top as I can). My arm dies when I’m in the outfield but I can throw over 100 pitches before my arm starts to ache when I’m on the mound. So when I pitch after being in the outfield my arm dies in 20 sum pitches. Any suggestions?

So who put you back in the outfield—and why?

Last year I started at second when I wasn’t pitching but we lost some outfielders to graduation and now I start in the outfield.

If there’s more to it when you say your arm dies, then try and explain. Do you have pain? Is it that swollen, hot feeling? Just a heavy arm?