Outfield Help

I am 14yrs old and I am a 6ft 168lb left handed pitcher. I am also a freshman. I intend on going out and making JV ball, so do you have any tips on being able to transition fom baby gradeschool ball to real high school ball? Being able to play the outfield and hitting in key situtions are my main factor. I am also struggling very very much on soft toss. Any help? Any advice is helpful.

I definetly need help on the outfield!

I haven’t played the outfield in a while I was just converted to a 1st baseman.

Anyways here’s what I have for you. If you’re playing LF or RF the ball will slice towards the line when hit towards the line and in the gaps it’ll be a little straighter. Make sure you always start back because you don’t want that ball sailing over your head for extra bases. Try to get to everything, if you don’t get to a ball then make sure you keep it in front of you.

Learn a crows hop, that will really help your arm strength and always be sure to hit your cutoff in the head, you want to throw it to where it will get a one hop or no hop to the bag but make sure your cutoff man can get to it if he needs to. Remember no extra bases.

Hitting wise, if you’re struggling with soft toss odds are you’re pulling your head, try to go oppo and watch the ball into your bat, practice it a lot so that it becomes natural to do so and you can do it without thinking about it.

Keep working and best of luck to ya.

Thanks, I will definetly work on it.

try working off the tee if your soft toss isn’t working for you.

Two of the most basic outfield skills are knowing where your infielder is ( second baseman/ shortstop) and listen to that player help you, and the next skill is spotting the sun.

Your second baseman or your shortstop guides you in the outfield with what to do next, then you must get the ball in quickly. Learn to depend on these two infielders and you’ll do a much better job than going it alone.

When you take the field, keep the sun’s position fixed in your mind - PRIOR to play. Put your glove up and shade your face before every inning. Don’t let the sun’s position in the sky escape your concentration. So, as soon as a ball is hit to your area, put your glove up and shade your face, let the glove keep its position throughout the initial phase of your catch - then bring the glove over and make your catch by positioning yourself (if you can) under the glove. Going for a fly ball, then having the sun blind side you is not only dangerous, but you’ll also lose track of the playing motion of the infield. Now of course if the sun is behind you don’t have to worry too much - but still, get use to this basic discipline of playing the outfield.

Coach B.