Out of the baseline?

Your teammate has just been hit on the hands by a wild pitch. He’s given first base.

However, in the process of shaking off the sting from being hit, his walk to first turns into a field trip back and forth as indicated in the picture below.

The coach from the other dugout comes out and points to the plate umpire… “he’s out of the baseline … he’s out of the baseline!”

You know the plate umpire is a rookie, and so far so good. But this puts a new wrinkle on things. There’s a meeting at the plate of both bench coaches and they all look over to you for some help.
Knowing that you know the rules , back and forward, they ask for your take on the base runner taking the scenic route while going to first.

What would be your decision?

Coach B.

I would say because he got hit, its a dead ball. So he could take any zig zag route he wants. I dont think he would be out

if a player got hit by the ball, its an automatic time out.
so i would keep the guy on first

Batter hit by a pitch … dead ball situation. He takes a walk … even if it means going off to the side for the trainer to take a look at the injury.

Now of course this has to be reasonable. A waltz that includes a visit to every corner of the park is delay of game – I’ve seen that called.

Coach B.

As I remember last time I saw a MLB game with a intentional HPP and the guy charged the mound, he was ejected but his replacement ended up at first base, this seems to be a deviation from the base path I would say.