Our pitching so far

2 games 15 innings let up 3 runs. Game today 8 innings 12 strikeouts 2 walks. Just wondering about these stats and not sure how they rate. First pitch strikes 60%. overall 65%strikes 35% balls. What should a goal be for a high school team for ball to strike ratio and first pitch strike?

Are these your numbers or your entire team’s numbers?

I am the head coach these are team numbers in scrimmages. 5 pitchers

The overall ball to strike ratio is excellent at 65%. And 60% FPS is good, too - anything above 60% is the goal, but I tend to want to see it equal to or better than your overall strike %. So I’d like to see it be 65%. Basically, what these numbers tell me is that your pitchers are able to throw 65% strikes, so they should also be able to do that on first pitches, too. The physical capabilities are there - now, they just need to focus and execute!