Oudoor Hockey Game - Buffalo vs. Pittsburgh - AWESOME!

Hey all you members from Buffalo. I’m assuming you’re all at the game. Outdoors, on a rink built in the football stadium. AWESOME!!! 60-70,000 people at a hockey game!!! :ole: Gotta like it. At least us Canucks are watchin’ it on TV.

Brings me back to my younger days playing on lakes. :freezing:

Me too…ponds around Chicago…and when the big kids would kick us off…we’d take it to an ice covered road/parking lot. Hockey ought to be played outside…the cold keeps you from bleeding everywhere…how tough can you be a in a climate controlled areana…lets see how good they are when it’s below zero, your ears are frost bitten, your eyes are tearing and freezing from the cold wind and toes are numb.
Man it makes me happy I live in Florida 8)

I would kill to be there


I find it amazing to see that many people in the stands at a hockey game in the US!!

Go Penquins!! They have my Halifax homey on the team, Sidney Crosby! Go Sid.

I don’t watch hockey, but this game is exciting :slight_smile:

Well, here’s an example of some of the more impressive finesse moves by a rookie. You gotta watch the stickhandling clinic he put on here for those 3 defenders, then the goalie!! Just completely sick.

CROSBY (Halifax boy) wins for Pittsburgh in the shootout in overtime!!

I think the NHL should make it a point to do that about 5 times a year attendance would be through the roof.