Ouch, $100 for a pitching book is pricey!

i agree if you are looking for mechanics info then mazzones book is not very informative. but i found it very informative for the things like coach ellis mentioned above. i also got alot of insight from his other book which is more of a biography of his time with the braves. alot of insight into handling pitchers, mental toughness, etc. its just according to what you are looking for. but if you are looking at it from a pure mechanics point view then i would have to agree with you.

I like the Mental ABC’s of Pitching and Nolan Ryan Pitchers Bible, Im about to purchase Steven’s EBook and check that out

I bought the book ($69.00) and have perused it. The biggest difference b/w this book and any other book I’ve read, and I’ve read them all (Ellis, House, Bagnozzi, Thurston, Shaw, Mazzone) is that this book is not about how to pitch, its about how pitching is taught. The first 3/4 of the book is authored by Rushall, not Mills and discusses various baseball studies and research on a wide range of topics. There were several things that Rushall cites and elaborates on that are contradictory to normal teachings, especially the training end.

From a standpoint of “How to Pitch”, mechanics. grips, srategies, etc, almost everybook agrees on the same basic principles, BUT presents them differently with different thought processes / terms. One of Ellis’s Blog’s “How to choose a pitching instructor” highlights a lot of this. Each “guru” has valid points, but they all focus on differnt aspecs of the delivery. Some focus on back leg, others hip rotation, others, arm slot, etc as their cure all.

The BIGGEST disagreement between all of them is the training, conditioning, “throwing programs”, long toss, Bull Pen work, etc.

Brent Rushall goes in depth on the truth’s and fallacies of the most popular training methods taught and explains, with scientific references, why or why not they are valid.

As a High School coach, I take every opportunity to read and decipher all I can about baseball, including pitching. There were many things I was taught as a High School and College pitcher that are simply not the proper way to do things.

The biggest problem I see in the baseball community, as well as in this forum, is the lack of open minds. Everyone wants to live and die off of one persons beliefs, instead of trying to gain as much knowledge for themselves and making their OWN decisions on what is correct and what they believe as a good approach. It is ridiculous that person A has all the answers and person B doesn’t know what they are talking about becasue person A is trying to sell something and says so.

The bottom line is to gather as much info from as many sources as possible. All it takes is one piece of inf to make it worthwile.

Good Luck to everyone this season!

Appreciate the thoughtful comments. Hope you stick around and participate in our on-going discussion.