Other sports people here play?


Just curious if any of the posters here play sports other than baseball.
I’ve played hockey for the last 12 years, I golf, played badminton for the school team and played volleyball for the last 3 and am actually going to school on a volleyball scholarship in the fall.


I play baseball and football. Played basketball last year but i think i’ll drop it this year.(freshman)


i play baseball, basketball, cross country, and track n field.


In Wyoming since Baseball is through Legion only and no high school sponsorship, they steer you either towards high school sports or baseball. My freshman year of high school I played football as a lineman and linebacker but was told to quit baseball if I wanted to ever start on the sophomore, jv or varsity team.

I decided, right then that if they were going to make me quit baseball then I was done with that, nothing was going to keep me away from baseball. Was asked the next year to be a male cheerleader, said no because well, that’s not exactly my thing. Junior year almost got sucked into football and basketball, then realized, I love baseball so much that I didn’t want to risk even being asked to quit baseball again.


Love to Play Football but after baseball:)


Cross Country, played football until my sophmore year in HS, i really like playing tennis and ping pong. i like to play all sports as a casual thing, but baseball is the only one i play extremely competatively.


I’ve played basketball since I was 4. Probably the only thing keeping me playing it is the fact I live in Wisconsin. If I lived in a warm weather state it would be baseball all the time for me.


Baseball and then football


dont play in a league. but i play basketball A LOT


I play basketball but only because it helps me stay in shape for the upcoming baseball season


I’ve never played in a League,
but sometimes my siblings and I, or friends, will play soccer.