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I never heard ofit b4 butmy knee had a bigbump on it and i couldnt bend it without it hurting. I geuse it came from my leg mucle training . I dontwant tostop training but my knee hurts like hell. Any advice?

Start including 1 leg squats and 1 leg squats on a bosu ball in your regular workouts.

Its not from training. It is hereditary. Either parents have it? grandparents? Someone along your lineage had to have had it. And dont worry, it will go away with age. How old are you. Mine is almost completely gone, and im 18. How old are you?

OH, and go to your local pharmacy type store, like Rite Aid or something, and get one of those Neoprene sleeves for your knee, and make sure its tight. The compression will help slightly. Also, rub a little “Sportscreme”, which you will also find at Rite Aid, or Bengay on it b4 putting on the Neoprene brace/sleeve thing.