Orlando Aponte pitching analysis

My name is Orlando I’m a LHP that needs help on how to fix my pitching mechanics I know my main issue is I’m not getting any hip to shoulder separation because I’m flying open but could there be another issue that’s causing this problem been trying to fix it for months now. Also if there are any drills to keep my shoulders closed

I can’t really tell from the video, but one of the main causes off flying open which I’m struggling to fix now is your landing foot, make sure it’s around a 45 degree angle, not 90 degrees to the plate.

Ok so what your saying is my front foot has to land more closed not directly facing the catcher?

I can’t really tell if that’s your problem but that’s a big partner of flying open so I’m just putting that out there, I don’t know if your doing that, just look at your video from a front angle if you have.

Yea I think I am opening up completely with my foot actually do you think breaking my hands too early or not firing my hips early enough might another cause of flying open?

Orlando - What you are lacking is being able to unload the ankle or ankle kick when you drive leg foot plants. Your ankle remains loaded and is unable to produce any force up the kinetic chain. You can not rotate around your hip and therefor you can’t create proper hip to shoulder separation. Look at the pics below. I linked you up with Salazar at about the same position in the delivery. Danny Salazar has already unloaded his ankle (ankle kick) at foot plant. He is able to rotate his hips and keep his shoulders closed.

The reason the ankle kick is so important is because it has a big effect on pushing the hip flexor forward as the front hip opens. If the hip flexor does not push forward at front foot strike then hip rotation is limited. The key to optimal hip to shoulder separation is creating early hip rotation at front foot strike.


Hope that helps.


So ankle kick is going to allow me to fire the hips faster and optimize more hip to shoulder seperation got ya I’ll try it out tomorrow during practice and let you know how it helps me thanks for the feedback Steve!

in your video you look very tight in the hips. You might try some good hip stretches prior to pitching next time to see if that allows you a little more flexibility. I don’t know about the whole “ankle kick” thing - I’m sure it works for some people, but if your hips are tight all the ankle driving in the world won’t allow you to fire your hips any better.