Orioles banned the cutter?


Kind of old but I just now heard about Orioles banning the cutter. What do you guys think of it?


Most people don’t even throw a real cutter anyway, they throw a slider with less top spin and more velocity thats aweful for the arm. Doc halladay threw that and even tho that was nasty that led to bad forearm injuries shortening his career. Rivera had the real cut fastball, the real “opposite to a 2-seam”. David Robertson was a good student and he’s got the real deal also.


kenley jansen has a natural cutter too.


That is a good point. Lots of pitchers who throw a “cutter” have said that the pitch more turned into a slider for them and something they just threw the heck out of (Mad Bum is an example of this). I also looked into the orioles thing a little more and when they were asked about Mariano Rivera, they said that he throw a cut fastball and not a cutter. Personally, I always thought of a cut fastball and a cutter as the same thing. I’ve always just considered their “cutters” sliders but I get what the organization is saying.


most sliderish “cutters” are like 4-6 mph slower than a fastball, but natural cutters like mariano rivera’s of jensen’s are like 1 or 2 mph with late movement.


True. That is why they are so effective. It looks like a fastball all the way to the very end but cuts at the last second.

I love this video on Mariano Rivera.


Is Blue Jays Closder Roberto Osuna’s pitch a cutter or a cut fastball?


As far as I know, and I watch a lot of blue jays, Osuna Matata doesn’t really throw a cutter. He’s got a upper 90s lazerbeam fastball, a mid 90s 2seamer with good running action which you might be thinking would be a cutter and he’s got the good slider in the upper 80s


Honestly the guy sounds like a tool, not answering questions and acting like a jackass in an honest interview. However, I have no problem with them banning it: they have the money, they should be allowed to choose what they teach their pitchers and the limits that they put on them. On the other hand though, I’d question them if they forced Bundy to scrap his best secondary pitch, it’d seem like they aren’t really supporting his success. Anyway, my two cents.


Very good illustration of why he’s the best there was.


I think it is. Banning a pitch based off inconclusive evidence sounds pretty ignorant. Let’s just disregard data and listen to Danny-boy preach his gospel.