Orel Hershiser on Pitcher Development

Orel Hershiser was a commentator on one of the CWS games if I remember correctly and he stated that coaches make a mistake when they try to correct young pitcher’s motions so as to get a higher percentage of strikes rather than velocity. He implied that in the long run developing velocity at a young age was more important than developing control.

thats what my coach has done with me…

i have horrible command but throw somewhat hard for the league im in and my velocity increases quite rapidly.

but he has slown down my motion ALOT and wants me to throw 75% so i get it over the plate consistently…

it feels weird as hell

Oral was OUT RIGHT WRONG in what he said that game. He said that he rather see the kid reverse rotate and get a couple of mph faster then be able to comand his piches with good smooth mechaincs. Command of your pitches is the #1 thing in the game if you hang it they will bang it.

He doesn’t understand if you want to have good long baseball life then you need to have mechaincs that are sound. And that if you look at the great pitchers they are very sound.

I was pissed at His comments on that.

Hes basically saying that he would rather see a pitcher develop his control using mechanics that give the pitcher his peak velocity, rather than slowing down and controling things, giving them better command, but also less velocity.

I agree with him in that if a pitcher is wild in Little League, but has great velocity, the chance that he will find it later on in his career is worth the downside. BUt saying a pitcher should reverse rotate is wrong, thats a way to get a ripped up rotator cuff…

Boy he sure was a great pitcher…better than House and Marshall…combined. If that is the value set which determines a quality instructor, then the Bulldog should rate right on up there…Otherwise, it’s an opinion, one of many. A statement like that was likely aimed at rileing up the mecho-centric crowd, which our site has plenty of…and it’ll likely work. I suspect that if you ignore any aspect of becoming a great pitcher, you do so at your own peril. Velocity without form IMO (See even me with the opinions… :roll: ) is just as nuts as throwing a perfect form, 70 mph fb in MLB and if you are out of condition and try either you are in jeapardy, if your diet is bad it’ll exacerbate all of the above. Ristar explode without any control and you’ll ultimately do just that…to your shoulder or your elbow or your back. Pitching isn’t just this or just that, it’s all that.

[quote=“jdfromfla”] Pitching isn’t just this or just that, it’s all that.[/quote]Ooohh!! I like that. Can I use it jd? :smiley: I’ll give ya credit.

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