Ordering a new glove

…and my likely choice will be the Heart of the Hide series from Rawlings, but I recently discovered another brand I hadn’t even heard of until recently, SSK.

So I’m just wondering if anyone has any experience with SSK, good or bad, that they want to share?

I would get the Rawlings; I used one last year as they are very nice gloves.

I’ve personally never used an SSK.

Yes sure, I would absolutely get the SSK. SSK is an experienced producer in Japan and they are specialists on glove development. They have nice models and even the lower priced gloves are reasonable.

By the way are you going to get the SSK US or SSK japan.
Please reply.
Below are some models FYI.




rawlings is better

Ended up going with a custom Heart of the Hide glove.

2-piece solid web
conventional back
all black
Canada flag
Name in script

It’s gonna be tough waiting the 4-6 weeks for this beauty.