Opposite Field for Lefties

I’m left-handed and like alot of lefties, I have a big smooth swing and usually pull the ball to right/right-center. But I want to learn how to hit opposite field too. Anybody have any suggestions?

the bat really wont help you do that consistently, and why do you want to take it the other way. a ball through the gap in right center is a triple when a ball through the gap in left is only a double. and for the bats i think composite is the best. sounds and feels somewhat like wood but has more pop than a metal bat.

work on timing

Hitting oppo should be a skill you learn, and I congratulate you on your efforts.

Firstly, don’t try to do too much with any given pitch. Hit it hard somewhere. But if the pitch is on the outside of the plate, let it travel a little farther, then put an inside-out swing on it, extending your arms out toward left field and finishing high. A couple of drills that can help: T work and soft toss.

Put the T on the outside corner and towards the back of the plate to simulate allowing the ball to travel deeper into the zone. Take your normal stance…don’t cheat or you’ll gain nothing. Then take your swing as described above.

Once you’re hitting the ball hard the opposite way off the T, have a friend or coach soft toss to the outside of the plate for you. Again, take your normal stance, and allow the ball to travel deep into the strikezone before you swing. Then put that inside-out swing on the ball, extend toward left field, and finish high.

Continue working off the tee and soft toss whenever you can find time. There is no substitute for swinging the bat. It strengthens your muscle memory and grooves that swing. Get in the habit of going with that outside ball and you’ll hit into fewer weak grounders to short and pop ups to third. But never forget how to turn on the inside heat and beat it into the cheap seats!


I bat left handed too, I know what you’re talking about.

It’s the timing, if you let it travel further you’ll take it oppo. make sure you go through the ball as well.

But really if it’s inside or over the middle just pull the little mother f- well I won’t finish that but you get it.