Opinions on this theory

I am roughly 200 pounds, 18 and 6’2. I have around 16 percent body fat and when my arm is in shape I throw around 85 to 86 mph. I was wondering, since some people preach that velocity is about moving your body faster, that if I lost around 6 to 8 percent body fat that I would be able to move my body faster and hence gain more velocity because my muscles would be carrying less weight to move. Opinions would be appreciated.

I think that that’s an interesting theory. I’ve also heard that the more weight that you have allows for a firmer base behind your picthes and thus allows you to put your weight into your delivery. But I believe that as long as your mechanics are sound and you are able to use your entire body as your strength, then your velocity should be accelerating at the normal if not above-average rate. The entire body is a weapon, not just the arm, so make sure that you use it to help throughout the wind-up and the pitch.

This is a email that dick mills sent me when i talked and it talks about speed
Pitching is not a strength activity but rather a speed of movement activity where the load to move is a 5 oz baseball.

No amount of weight training is going to improve pitching velocity once a pitcher is fit.

I have written countless articles on this on my Blog. I suggest you read some of them.

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Dick Mills

Does any of this help

Yes this does help and in fact I purchased the functional strength program with the dvd that mills made with his wife i think like 2 years ago but I got sick of looking at the different exercises and not being able to afford the things that were required to do them. I recently bought the tuff cuff book and think that its a pretty fine piece of literature. I got the idea of losing weight because of mills and because of how he talked about moving the body fast. I try to take a little bit of something from everybody and thats something I thought made sense from mills. Thanks for the reply

watch out people on this site hate mills and his teaching but we both know that he is right about that.

From Max Ratofor, physio-kineticist