Opinions on Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate Chocolate

Hey i was wondering if any one had any Opinions of Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate Chocolate?

any opinions appreciated!

If you mix with nonfat or 1% milk, it tastes like chocolate milk. It’s great stuff. Just make sure you shake, not stir 8)

when you used it did you see good results?

You’ll see good results with ne protein u use as long as your eating right with your other meals. Remember dont think by just having 3 protein shakes a day along with 2 or 3 average meals is gonna do a lot. Make sure your getting a good amount of protein from red meats also some eggs and fish are good sources. But ON whey protein is good stuff and in my opinion is the best whey protein you can find.

What he said^ 8)

And results depend on what you are looking for. I only did post-workout shakes because I am not looking to gain bulk. You can definitely tell the difference in soreness and recovery time, and you tend to gain lean muscle a bit faster (maybe just a placebo, don’t know). It is certainly worth the $$$ in my opinion.

ok i ordered a bottle of it to give it ago!
when i get the WHEY i will let everyone know how it goes!

i also want to lose just a little bit of body fat (im around 15%) i think, its not that im fat, its just that i would like to lose a little extra body fat, can you reccomend any supplements for this?
i eat healthy and train hard!

i was also thinkn of 2 other supplements

NOW green tea extract, has any one used this/got any opinions about this?

and also

NO-XPLODE,has any one used this/got any opinions about this?
They say that it helps with mental alertness (could it help when pitching?, or would you be overaroused?)?

ON choclate protein is in my opinion the best

ON also makes vanilla and rocky road which i’ve tried…neither of these mix nearly as good as the choclate

i usually like vanilla better then choclate in everything, but the choclate protein definetly tastes better

you can google the positive effects of green tea, and i believe they make green tea with no caffeine is it what all athletes should go after…caffeine dehydrates you and that’s what you try to avoid is becoming dehydrated