Opinion, will this work in my favor?

Ok, im a pitcher. but i also got great homerun power and my teams ball park is 389 ft and i make it over no problem do u think that will work in my favor to making my dream come true, playing in the bigs. (toronto blue jays) (boston red sox)

Uhh this is kind of a stupid question. Your asking it as oh do you think I can get into the bigs with what I have now? Uh trust me work hard play non-stop and dedicate most of your time to baseball and you will maby have a chance of making it to the big leagues. Obviously it seems as though you have a good talent so I’d take it a step further and keep on working. Go to the batting cages every change you get.

EDIT: I forgot the most important things, get good grades and get into a good college, and stay away from drugs.

If can hit a ball 400 ft no problem you have a pretty good chance at going far in baseball

389 with aluminum?

yea, i use a wood bat

If you’re hitting it that far, maybe you can be the DH on your off days from pitching in the Bigs…

Seriously, though…I’m confused by posts like this. Why ask a bunch of folks who’ve never seen you play, never played with or against you, never coached you, what your chances of making the Big Leagues are?

Ask your coaches, go to tryouts and showcases, and answer the question for yourself. :wink:

Good luck and have fun!

omg dude thats a good freakin idea thanks alot scericoully! thx :smiley:

how old are you?

i am 15 yrs old, 6"0. 160 lbs

BOWER wrote


It doesn’t only have to do with hitting homeruns. Scouts will look for fielding, running, hitting, hitting for power and throwing. You might have the bat to be in the bigs but they also look at attitude and work ethic. If your lazy and don’t want to learn and are stubborn they won’t have a problem cutting you regardless if you can hit a ball 400ft, because there are always hundreds of guys who can hit the ball 400ft and have a good attitude.

So work hard, practice everyday and do your best. Good luck.