Opinion of New Forum Upgrade


I wish to offer my thanks for the many years of exchanges regarding pitching and baseball. I have valued the friendships I’ve made even though I’ve never had the pleasure of personally meeting any of you. Those of you who have enriched my life, I am grateful for your time and conversations. The truth is the new forum upgrade provides an opportunity for me to acknowledge how important this site has been to me yet allow me to move on. I will check in from time to time but it is my belief that I have said about all I know about pitching, baseball and for that matter life in general. My best regards to all. Dino


@Dino - Thank you for all your contributions over the years. Your advice has always been appreciated and helpful, and I sincerely wish you all the best.


Gonna’ miss you around here, Dino. If you ever make that trip out to Arizona for spring training and need anything, let me know.


I have enjoyed reading you information, it has helped me progress in my (basic) understanding of pitching.
I am where you used to be…


I don’t care for the new look.
It is still early and I could be just trying to get adjusted, but, so far I find it unclear and hard to navigate in terms of what has been updated and when ect.
It seems confused to me.
Although, it could be me that is confused.


I too do not care for the new look. Very user UNFRIENDLY. Does not inspire me to post.


Thanks for the feedback. Sorry it’s been such an aggravating experience for you all. Hope you’ll give it a chance. It’s taken me a good week to finally understand what everything does. The previous forum (last updated in 2005 and no longer supported by the software provider) was being spammed so badly that it nearly crippled the site. This was a solution to that.


Gotta say I agree. This is very tough (been on message boards for 18 years or so, and this is perhaps the least user friendly I’ve seen). The proboards free message board stuff is a lot easier. I find myself checking in a lot less, even though I love LTP and get a lot out of it. Not complaining, but just wanted to give my input.


Ditto. This new format looks like it was designed by a 16-year-old-geek on LSD. I have no idea where things are, or where I am. The old “Youth Pitching” section, which seemed to be very popular, now seems to be gone, though it appears at times under “Main”? Huh?


I always have enjoyed your posts Dino. You know a lot and I doubt you have shared it all. Good luck to you and your Tribe. I especially hope Bauer breaks through. You guys will have a solid staff if he is able to contribute the way his stuff makes it feel like he should.

Very best regards,



Is there a user guide for the new format? It may help to have a FAQs topic where people can post about what they have learned about the new format and make the transition faster and less frustrating for our members.


UPDATE : Thanks for adding “youth (ages 7-14)” as a separate category, as in the old forum. However, you should remove the comment in “main” about “Discuss youth baseball topics for pitchers ages 14 and younger here”, otherwise youth pitching comments might end up in both categories.


Site has been a great resource & can’t beat the price. Very grateful for the time & effort (& assume money) that you’ve put into this site so people like me can have access to great information & advice. So first I will say thank you Steven! I am having some issues transitioning to the new site. Just much more difficult to scan over and spot new posts. As a daily ready the old site just seemed so easy to pick up where I left off.


I’ll put together a brief user guide in an effort to make it easier to use and understand.


I think it looks alright, but I’m pretty tech savvy. This forum software was obviously modeled after Stack Overflow and other hip forum-type sites which can be tough for new users.


An area of confusion is the “NEW” and “LATEST” tabs at the top. Why two tabs for the newest/latest? Shouldn’t there be just one tab containing all the latest posts/threads?


OK. I figured it out (I think). The “LATEST” tab appears at all times and shows all the latest activity. The “NEW” tab appears only when you log in, showing the “NEW” activity since your last log-in? Problem is that the “NEW” tab shows the same content with each log-out and log-in. ???


Did we lose private messages when the forum flipped?


I complained about the new look…but, I find I am posting more.
Not sure what that says about me…getting used to it.


Thanks for the feedback. We’ve unfortunately lost a some really great contributors who’ve decided not to continue participating since the switch to the new platform, so it’s nice to get a little more positive comments. PM me if there’s anything else I can be doing to help make this a place that you and others find value and look forward to visiting.