Opening your hips

When are you supposed to open your hips, when your foot lands or right before. I have been watching pitching clips but I cant really tell.

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[size=18][color=blue]Seven Great Examples Of How A Baseball Pitcher Should Stride
By Steven Ellis, former pitcher in the Chicago Cubs organization[/color][/size]

There you’ll find one of the finest text instructions there is. Just remember, for your size, weight, and ability level - you may have to take it slow and easy at first, but, a good work ethic and being reasonable with your performance expecations will help you a lot.

And another thing to consider when reading this article, it was made a pitcher - just like you, not that long ago, and who experienced the same kinds of ups and downs in practice that your going through. So what your getting here is the real world.

Coach B.


Good question–if you look at lots of side-view video in good slo-mo, it is pretty clear that there is a range of answers.

There are guys who definitely get their hips starting to open a few milliseconds before touching down with the stride foot. Others seem to open their hips only after their stride foot makes contact.

It is certainly plausible that the earlier you create your hip/shoulder separation by opening your hips to home plate, the higher pitch velocity you will be able to create.

Flippin’ is correct.

Very few pitchers are flexible enough to have not opened their hips partially before their foot plants. Usually when the front foot starts to open the hips will open some thus creating the hip/shoulder seperation your looking for. The later the better though.

Great question L55,

I concur with flippin and Hammer