Opening the hips - and dragging the bat

I’ve got a kid that hits the ball very well off of a tee, short toss, or short distance BP - however, when you pitch to him from a regular distance - his hips fly open and his swing is nothing but arms - this has lead to nothing but opposite field bloopers and soft opposite field grounders…any ideas on how to teach to stay closed through the swing?

Put old bats behind him, that’ll keep him from stepping out and rest assured if he makes that mistake once that way he won’t do it again.

he’s not stepping out with his front foot - his hips are just opening way to early - stride is actually very small

sounds like his top isn’t staying connected to his bottom. Have him keep his top hand elbow “connected” to his back-side hip during launch. Not physically mind you, but they should track together until the arms extend into contact.

stand in batters box facing the pitchers mound feet paralell to third base. place bat on shoulder rotate hips only and take some bp in this position using hips and hands. after 10 or so pitches take your front stride foot move in 6 inches take 10 more pitches continue moing front foot little at a time till in your normal hitting stance

Please stop with the all caps.

Try throwing a bunch of pitches outside and make him set the tee up outside with the hitting zone back, he needs to just learn to wait is what it sounds like.