Opening Day- Pitching last 3 innings

Finally the new season is here! First game today at 6:30. Although it wasn’t exactly my main goal, I did want to be the opening day starter. Well as coach was questioning what our primary positions were I said Centerfield (which is pretty much true) our catcher whose primary position is catcher (trust me) said pitcher. Well by that basis, he’s getting the nod for the first pitch today. This is the type of guy who can look like a pitcher who knows what he’s doing when it’s just him and the catcher, but throw a batter and a real game situation in there, and he folds. He has no swagger, no look of confidence. I tell you fellas, i’m gripping that ball in the 4th inning like i’m striking out every damn batter that steps in the box. Just blowing them away. It’s going to be a great feeling knowing that the coach is going to be scratching his head, wondering why the hell he didn’t start me. Isn’t this the best motivation an athlete can have? Proving wrong?