Online Remote Training for pitchers

Hi, everyone. My name is Jack Colagiovanni. I am an exercise science major and a D2 pitcher at Concord University in West Virginia. I am offering remote baseball coaching for young pitchers looking to take their game to the next level. I have a lot of experience in baseball training. I spent a year working out under Andrew Sacks who is a well respected strength coach out of Maryland. I also have trained at Driveline Baseball in Seattle, Washington which is where I found my love for baseball training. I now train and intern during the summers at The Velo Farm in Maryland, I plan on making another trip out to Driveline soon and hope to intern and hopefully get a full time coaching job there when my career is over. As a player who never had the natural talent like some guys I had to work my butt off and learn a lot more about pitching to get myself ahead. I have constantly done research for the past 3 years and have learned a ton about how to coach pitchers while also learning how to train myself. This is only a step in the door for me so I will not be charging an exorbitant amount for the programs. But they will be individualized to each pitcher and everyone will get my undivided attention. This is something that can help build my resume and show that I have the ability to coach athletes. If you are interested in training with me shoot me a message and we can talk more about what this all will entail.

price and how much time? trying all methods to learn including searching for the best testosterone boosters. any help is appreciated.