Onething that people forget about a foodprogram/diet

That is the mental part of a foodprogram or diet.
If you aren’t able to bring it up mentally to start the foodprogram/diet than it will be very difficult to start in the first place. How perfect your program looks like you still need to find the discipline to stick to it and achieve your goal. Even If you are able to achieve your goal you still need to maintain the result.

If you start with a foodprogram or diet first consider yourself why you want it. In case of overweight ask yourself in the first place how did u get the overweight, in most cases this is a mental issue.

Totally agree with you, although money plays a role, too. That and our water supply, fluoride, etc… effects/affects people, too…

I’ve had to deal with so many problems over the years because I grew up on all of this processed garbage, but now I understand things I previously did not. If only I would have understood what I now know back when I was a kid, I would have saved thousands of dollars in the process and a lot of stress.

Agreed. One reason you have to phase in diets like that. Ask yourself: will I actually be able to eat this food every day without getting tired of it? If the answer is no, make whatever small change you can make so that you will stick to it. Compliance is more important than having a perfect plan you can’t stick to. A lot of experimentation too to see what works and what you can maintain.

One other suggestion… Don’t think about the future, focus on the now… It becomes easier once you start conditioning your mind to live in the present. I choose to eat nutritiously not only for the health benefits, but because it’s better for the planet.

You could even join a health club or try and meet someone whom has the same goals as you. It’s harder for an individual to want to eat healthier when everyone else around them doesn’t.

Basically, it comes down to believing in yourself, that the effort will be worth the payout… It’s easier if you surround yourself with people whom are after the same thing or already live a healthy lifestyle. This is probably why it’s tough for some people to stick to a diet, although, I just look at it as a lifestyle change. If you enjoy it, then you’ll stick with it, if you’re constantly fighting it, then it’s going to be that much harder on you and eventually, you might give in and quit.

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