One Thing I'll Never Get

Not all coaches and their clubs are endowed with the resouces of the Terry Francona’s of this world. I for one have been in a feast or famine environment since day one … and a lot of the decisions that rest with who’s available and who-want’s-who are decided by others a lot higher up in the organization, … not to mention tempermental mood swings, on-again-off-again performance spurts, and so on.

And your right about one thing… coaches do feel more comfrontable coaching based on what they know … instead of taking a chance in uncharted waters. After all, when a paycheck is on the line, as well as fitting the organizational rank-n-file … so be it. I find very few … if any… in any other occupation, baseball or not, that would color outside the lines if pressed to do otherwise.

The bottom line here is, when there’s plenty of talent to go around during the course of a season and the usual five year plan is working with what’s worked in the past, talking about “what if…” doesn’t float very well. And in that regard, I know Terry Francona has a great pool to draw from … seeing how that MLB club has an excellent farm system … but even then, you don’t see too many guys coming up the ranks (the systems) with other than the classics . And before a lot of these guys “get” to the system, they’ve been scouted by the same outlook and impressions as noted by you … by thier predecessors. As I am a prime example of that statement.

However, does all this make me any better or worse of a pitching coach had I done differently? I doubt it. I really don’t believe for a minute that things have - or would, change much for any club, head coach, bullpen, rotation and player or players because of it. Nor do I see any of my counter parts collecting unemployment or their reputations stained either. And as far as the personal and professional accomplishments of any one individual who I or anyone else has passed over or neglected because of this mindset, ability or lack thereof… only speculation can offer a debate and ask and answer at the same time. I can’t, nor can I honestly say any coach or organization - amateur or pro could either.

Steven’s imput would be very interesting on the subject from a professional player’s standpoint. A guy whose been on the other side of the issue … a player amoung players.

Coach B.

Of course, lefties claim they’re the only ones in their right mind.

Hose… That’s great!! I’ve got to wait till next season to spring that on a pitching coach that’s a good friend of mine. The wait will be worth it !

Coach Baker,

As always, your willingness to drill down into the deeper structure of baseball–not just how it should or could be, but also how it actually is, and how the should/could scenarios match up with your personal view of reality–make your posts a pleasure to read.

I only picked Terry Francona’s name out of a hat because he seemed like a calm, intellectual leader with a strong vision operating at the center of 2004’s self-proclaimed group of “idiots”. I’m not so sure that just any MLB-level manager with an excellent technical grasp of baseball could have done so much with that same group of players.

My working guess is, whether it’s feast or famine in any particular year, you generally get the most from the players you have available to you. Your deep passion for the game and your ability to teach what you know are showcased in every post you make–reading your stuff is about as close as the internet gets to having a personal conversation.