One-Off Private Pitching Instruction

My son is 10. He has a strong interest in pitching and has pitched in Little League. Do people think there is benefit in purchasing a one-time pitching instruction session at one of the expensive (and reputable) training programs in our area? I’d love to have him go there regularly, but that would get incredibly pricey. I’m wondering if a one-hour session is even worth it for a 10-year-old.

I’d say the benefit would probably be minimal. Learning to pitch is a process requiring lots of repetitions and someone with knowledge and a trained eye to observe and make judgments and refinements continuously over time.

10 year olds have limited strength and motor skills and aren’t able to execute certain elements of the pitching delivery very well. And they shouldn’t be expected to. The focus for young kids should be on the first few elements of the delivery that form the foundation of an efficient delivery - things like set-up on the rubber including feet position and posture as well as initial movement down the mound and glove control. If you find an instructor who understands and can explain these things well, a single lesson might provide something useful to give your son something to work on and give you the info that will allow you to provide continued reinforcement for your son.

Thanks so much. This is very helpful information.