One of the best: Wolforth Unleashed


Wow, I just read the one on long distance running and it lines up like 100% of what I have been thinking.

Give us the Cliff Notes version of some of his articles. What are the bullet points? Post here…

"A pitcher will explode in a burst lasting 1-2 seconds…then rest for 10-15 seconds…then explode again. He will repeat the process in sets of 15-20…separated by 12-15 minutes of rest…then repeat. A Pitcher will exclusively use his ATP/CP system. Therefore, without question, he should train explosively.

The detailed information on energy systems in Ron’s original draft echoes what we have under training.The longest any baseball play will last is 15 seconds. Therefore, no baseball player…let alone pitcher… should EVER train outside of that 15 second window. EVER. If one does, he is training an energy system he will never use. Long distance running is in fact SO bad its two energy systems off. Not one." - Taken from Ron’s essay called “‘Just Say No’ to long distance running”

I find him interesting, agree with his take on pitch counts and weighted balls (To some extent). I do think he should get more discussion than he does. Perhaps it’s his rep as the training side of Nymans mechs…idk, but he’s interesting, got good thoughts…I agree to a point as I do with Paul Nyman…I also acknowledge their combined expertise.