One of our HOF Guys Makin us proud

Centerfield2150 was and is known as one of the very best posters when it came to conditioning and research. He gave me permission to post this…
It’s ironic when I first encountered this young man he didn’t think he could make his local JUCO…he signs all his posts with a quote from Adam Revelette and a “Why Not”…that Why Not was posed by me…I asked him why not him…he went to find out and discovered it sure could be him.
Johns Hopkins is one of the most prestgious universities in the world…Our Michael made it there and we here are so very proud.

Guys keep chasing that dream…It can be you too… :wink:

Way to go, Centerfield!

Wow, mechanical engineering too, eh? Nice!

Booya! Great school, great baseball. Congrats!

Congrats Centerfield, I wish you luck in the future.

Awesome job, Centrefield.

Too bad about the mechanical engineering thing though. Maybe it’s just a phase you’re going through and you’ll end up in Architecture, as everyone should. :smiley:

Congrats CF! We are proud!

He’s taught me more about myself than I think even he realizes.


Honestly, In my eyes, centerfield was the hardest worker we’ve ever had at LTP. I still read through his first log on occasion, and look through many of his posts. Hes the poster child for leaving no stone unturned, and it shows. Hes an inspiration to anybody trying to play college baseball. Good job and good luck centerfield.

Hell of a school to “settle” on. :slight_smile:

Big time congrats are in order.