One more pitch?

I’m going to be a senior next year and had a good summer season pitching. I still got hit well in a couple games though. I throw a fastball, Curveball, and am starting to throw a splitter. Is there another pitch that would help me in the long run to keep batters guessing?

in a word Change up!

[quote=“cardsdave33”]in a word Change up![/quote]couldn’t have said that better myself, try a circle-change, its what johan santana throws and its very sucessful, google it or search on the forum to find out how to throw it good

Thanks both of you. I’ve experemented with change ups. A palm ball and a circle change up. Is there a secret to the circle to make the bottom drop out from under it? Or is it one of those things that will just come the more you throw the circle change?

yes it will come more natural to you the more you throw it. It’s a feel pitch so just continue to throw it and trust it, throw with fastball arm speed. throw it when you are warming up after you get loose playing catch not just in bull pen.