One handed Pitcher


Hey guys I’m a senior and i’m planning on playing my in first season I wanna do some closing pitching. I’ve been training a lot lately but I’ve been having some control problems and my average fastball speed is around 57 mph but think it has gone up tho…thoughts??
The video is from this past summer and I’m throwing harder now but again its the control that I’m having trouble with. There is only a few months till tryouts and I need to be ready



From what I see you are pretty rotational without a lot of linear direction towards the plate. In your case I wouldn’t concern myself much with velocity. With relievers being different from the guy before you can be a real asset. If you are considerably slower than the previous pitcher it can be hard for the batters to adjust. I feel you might cue yourself to drive your back hip to the mitt (or target). This usually helps a pitcher with fastball control.

If you haven’t already you should google pitcher Jim Abbott. It might help you with glove work some.

I’ll check back to see if you have any questions.

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Thx and Jim is my inspiration he was amazing. My grips consist of a 4 seam fastball, a cutter, a knuckle-curve, and a change up thats not very good. Any tips?


My change up sucks


With you current fastball velocity I wouldn’t worry too much about a change. Instead, I would focus on the knuckle curve and the cutter. You might look at a two seam fastball if you need more movement. Your key is going to be control and downward movement. If things go past this year, you can focus more on velocity.

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Ok thanks, I’ve never been able to get a 2 seam to move I’ll probably just stick with what I got


Loved watching Jim pitch when I was a kid:

I didn’t get much movement on my two-seamer either. I still gripped the baseball using a two-seam grip every time I was throwing a fastball to the throwing-hand side of the plate, but it didn’t move as much as a lot of other guys on my team. Not a big deal, though. Pitch to your strengths.


different mechanics can sometimes help increase velocity , so depending on your preferences you could be able to boost your velocity up to 65 maybe even 70,


use David Price for example, his mechanics in 2015 allowed him to throw between 94 mph to 96 mph. Then you take a look at his mechanics this year he was throwing between 92 mph and 93 mph, he had some bad mechanics this year which had this result


You really need to be able to control your body…all about telling your body what to do instead of having it do what it wants. That is what balance is…its not being able to control your weight just at the top…its keeping your centerline and core balanced the entirety of your delivery. So you just watch for bad uses of energy in your delivery…keep your front side under control…maybe look at different ways you hold your glove in that arm that can keep your more balanced and direct.

As far as the 2 seamer…its always a pull…in our minds we like to think that we push that two seamer to get action, that we push it to get movement. Just turn the ball and throw with the seams into your natural pronation. Big misconception in finger pressure and all that BS. Finger pressure isn’t something you can manipulate consciously…it is done by the way you grip the baseball and finish pulling through it.


here is an example

you notice that his mechanics are different


well my glove is staying were it is because having my glove right there is very important to getting the glove on to field. do you have any tips on cutters and knuckle-curves those are my grips other then a 4 seam


yeah when he begins his delivery he doesn’t raise his glove as high and his leg lift/kick is differnt too