On to a return question

quick question,

i had left labrum surgery six weeks ago, and ive been going to physio ever since. so far ive had a great recovery. that being said when i mentioned to my physio about incorporating a throwing progam, she says i can go ahead with ease. my question is, i have had the tuffcuff manual for a few years now. would doing this program be to much stress on my arm ?

Take the book in with you next time and have your PT go over It with you and see what they say.

Hi, first of all sorry for my english, i’m french:)

Did you have a labrum repair or just a debridement?

I think for a ‘repair’, 6 weeks might be a little too early. I’m almost 3 months post surgery and i’ve done some throwing programs for the first time last week.

But hey, i’m not a doctor :wink: