On the road to college?


My son is a 13 year old middle school pitcher playing for his HS JV team. His fastball will touch 80, stays around 78. His changeup is around 61-64. He is learning to attack batters, and is also learning a curve ball. He will be the first generation of athlete in our family who, I think, might actually have a shot to play ball past high school. I understand speed isn’t everything, and he is getting more and more proficient at placement. Just curious if we should be taking college baseball serious at this point. Thanks for all of your input.


The “serious” part is something that is vulnerable to so many things, from 13 years of age, onward. Focusing on something that far away is good, but I would suggest putting his sights more in focus with current things.His academics are, and should be his strong points for any college, as is his ability to stay eligible once college is nearer.

I would also suggest that you, his parents, use your maturity, you life experiences, and your fact-finding of what college involves, once your son has his sights set on what he really wants to do. College choices are numerous, as are locations, tuition, meal plans, and so forth. Usually, once a youngster turns 15 and 16, his objectives should be clearer, and his athletic ability should be pretty well know. Below is just one publication, among others, that can help you with helping your son,

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With that velo this early, you should definitely take it seriously, but also realize that he could max out early and not gain any more velo. As far as placemtn goes, I wouldn’t harp on it. I got looked at by D1’s before I committed to a top 20 juco and i throw 90 and it’s in the zone but not spotted. Just get him throwing more gas.