On soulder surgery

Coach Jerry Kreber, moderator of the high school pitching category, wrote a great article on shoulder surgery and weighted baseballs. It’s posted in The Complete Pitcher’s pitching article archive. You can read it here:


It might be helpful if you could give some more details about exactly what the program looked like.

How many pound weights were you throwing what distances how often?

I’d be concerned that some people would just pick up a shot put and try to heave it 50 feet or so.

Good Point Chris.

I would not want anyone picking up a shot and heaving it. I used the Worth Weighted Ball Set. The heaviest ball I used was 7oz. I followed the program Worth provided with the balls, but only completed 75% of it before winter. During practice, I would throw with the 6oz ball for 10-12 minutes before using the regular ball.

I would also add that now, at 29 years old, I have never had any problems with my arm since the labrum operation. I have been throwing BP for the last six years during the spring and summer. I bet I throw 50-75 BP pitches a day for six months and I have not missed a day throwing in all those seasons.


How far were you throwing the weighted balls?